Achieve A More Youthful Look With Medical Aesthetic Treatments

What actually happens as I age?

As you age, everything on your face shrinks. Your skull grows smaller with loss of bone density. Facial muscles weakens and get wasted away. Collagen production slows down and is unable to match the speed of it being lost through metabolism. Your skin loses its thickness and elasticity. Inevitably, all these results in occurrence of wrinkles, development of folds and skin laxity with overall saggy appearance. This aging process is very much like a balloon that is slowly deflating.

What are the signs of aging as a result?

Saggy, droppy skins, folds at the corners of the mouth, laugh lines, tear trough and cheeks become more prominent. Development and deepening of wrinkles, and also development of pigmentation such as age spots and melasma, are all associated with aging.

What can I do to look younger and prevent aging?

1) Replace the lost volume

 The current trend is to use ‘liquid facelift’ to replace facial volume by natural collagen stimulation with l-poly-lactic acid. It substantially increase the collagen of your skin to correct the folds, wrinkles and skin laxity as a consequence of aging. It is effective for sunken tear trough, cheeks and temples. The result looks and feels natural. ‘The Liquid Face Lift” is FDA approved for treating nasolabial folds and facial wrinkles, its smoothing effect can potentially last for up to 25 months depending upon the initial severity of the facial wrinkle and fold contour deficiency.*

2) Tighten the skin

Thermage is an established FDA approved non-surgical skin tightening procedure, and has been endorsed by many Hollywood Stars such as Oprah and Demi Moore. Thermage is known to induce collagen remodelling and contraction that tightens the skin. Its unique cryogen cooling ensures that the skin’s surface is cooled while allowing heat to penetrate deep into the skin. Results are dependent on the number of shots delivered and the intensity of treatment. Results can last for about two years depending on individuals.*

3) Skin Lifting & Face Contouring

One of the best non-surgical face lift next to surgical one is Ultra V Lift thread lift. Originated from South Korea and a hidden beauty secret of many K-pop Stars and now it has became a popular non-surgical skin lifting procedure in Singapore. Ultra V Lift PDO thread lift uses a unique technology where fine threads called polydioxanone (PDO) similar to those used in surgery, are inserted into targeted areas under the skin to stimulate skin tissue and collagen production. Ultra V Lift can be applied to anywhere on the body for more refined contouring, these areas include the face, eye corners, cheeks, neck, forehead, laugh lines, forearm and abdomen. It is best known to create V-shaped face and also use to heighten the nose bridge. The procedure is fast and result is natural.

3) Wrinkle Reduction

Nothing comes close to reducing the appearance of wrinkles than treatment with wrinkle injection. This wrinkle reduction treatment is the most practised aesthetic procedure and there are reasons why almost everyone on earth have heard about it. It is cosmetically safe, effective, takes only a few minutes to perform and has no downtime. Not only does it reduce wrinkles, it also prevents the expression wrinkles from further deepening.

4) Depigmentation

Pigmentation associated with aging as a result of accumulative sun-damage, derangement of skin physiology and hormonal abnormalities can be treated with creams and light therapies, the most effective of which are the intense pulsed light and laser treatments. One of the most popular laser treatments includes the RevLite, which lightens pigment, at the same serves to refine pore sizes and wrinkles for a more radiant skin. Sciton Broadband Light, an advanced pulsed light, is also seen as a effective treatment for more superficial pigment such as freckles. Melasma sometimes requires a combination of creams, light therapies and Cosmelan Peel, a very well known chemical peel for melasma, for the best possible results.

*Results vary for individuals



03/04/2016 at 11:27 am

hi My gf introduces me to your client as she is a patient there. However I am interested to know more about Revlite if it would work on my freckles and pores. Please call me for an appointment.


05/04/2016 at 7:32 pm

Hi, May I know how much does the ultra v lift face treatment and nose hiko cost? How long is the treatment ? And what’s the downtime?
Thank you

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