EstheWhite & EstheShield Skin Whitening Supplements

Step up your brightening and sun protection efforts with EstheWhite and EstheShield by BeautéScience, formulated in the United States, these award-winning skin whitening oral supplements work from inside to complement topical beauty products. Suitable for all skin types, they are designed to enhance brightening benefits, provide more comprehensive defence against UV rays, and help you achieve that coveted inner radiance.

Benefits of EstheWhite

EstheWhite’s key active ingredient, PhytoflORAL is a patented innovative dietary supplement with outstanding protective abilities against UV damage, free radical damage and skin pigmentation. It is derived from non-GMO tomato species rich in colorless carotenoids which are known to lighten and even skin tone.

EstheWhite offers the following benefits:

  • Skin whitening by reducing melanin production
  • Prevents damage to DNA
  • Prevents skin collagen degradation
  • Enhanced whitening with L-Cysteine
  • Anti-oxidant & anti-inflammatory
  • Protection against UVA & UVB

Benefits of EstheShield

EstheShield’s key active ingredient, polypodium leucotomos, is a natural fern extract used to treat inflammation and a variety of skin ailments, such as DNA damage and UV-induced erythema. Clinical studies have shown polypodium extracts to be effective at defending skin against damage from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation when taken orally.

EstheShield offers the following benefits:

  • Natural herbal sunscreen that works deep within skin where tropically-applied products cannot reach
  • Prevents oxidative damage and premature aging
  • Anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory
  • Inhibition of free radicals from UV radiation

Direction in Usage

Take 1 capsules daily. Can be taken anytime, day or night, before food or after food. It is recommended to take daily at a regular time.

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