acne purifying treatment


A Medical Grade facial treatment designed for Acne and pimple-prone skin.

This facial treatment includes deep-cleansing methods, a skin-type specific exfoliating peel and thorough extraction to treat clogged pores. This treatment detoxifies the skin and helps eliminate acne causing bacteria. It helps clear and prevent breakouts, reduces blackheads, whiteheads and inflammation without drying your skin. Acne treatment finishes with a Blue Light Therapy called Sciton BBL™.

Sciton BBL™ is an FDA approved non-invasive, medical light therapy that is used to treat various skin conditions and blemishes. It works by generating pulsed light at adjustable wavelengths. It is the world’s most powerful Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) device delivering light energy deep into your skin to stimulate and regenerate your skin cells. Most importantly, it reduces the P.acnes bacteria that are one of the factors causing acne. It also reduces oil production from the sebaceous glands and strengthens the skin around pores and glands to reduce pores and blackheads.


Our programs offer both Acne Purifying Treatment and Home Care Product, these will have your acne under control with 3 to 4 months, depending on your type of acne. From the consultation, you will learn about the type of acne you have, your skin condition as well as your skin type. We will plan a series of treatment to treat your acne. This is an ideal treatment for acne on the face, chest, or upper back.

Skin conditions changes from time to time, Celevenus’s Acne Treatment is focused on what the skin needs at the time of treatment. At times, the skin will need more anti-bacteria or anti-inflammatory action while other times it will need more hydration. Extractions take place after the skin has been thoroughly cleansed, exfoliated, and steamed, which helps soften up the plug of sebum and dead skin cells that are clogging a pore. Whiteheads are harder to remove than blackheads because there is typically a layer of dead skin cells that have grown over the plug of sebum.

Additionally, extractions shouldn’t last more than 15 minutes, so don’t expect to remove all your blackheads and whiteheads in one appointment if you have a lot to get rid of as too many extractions at one time can be traumatizing for the skin. If you have acne or blemishes, extractions are the most important part of the treatment for you. Once the follicles are cleared out, your skin should start to improve. It is advisable to have your treatment done every 1 to 2 weeks until your skin is completely clear, and it’s also important to follow up with the right products.