Permanent Hair Reduction

Throw away the razors. No more waxing!

Permanent Hair Reduction - Sciton™ Broadband Light (BBL)

Excess hair might appear anywhere on the body. Most common places include the legs, armpit, back, chest and face. The problem with excess hair is that many people believe it looks unsightly and unattractive. Women will normally use razors or wax the hair off. The problem with these traditional methods is that they are only temporary, giving relief only for a short time frame before the hair grows back thicker. Constant shaving and plucking also encourages ingrown hairs and skin irritation.

At Celevenus, we have a variety of treatments available using our Sciton™​ Broadband Light (BBL) machine. Sciton™ Broadband Light (BBL) is the most advanced version of intense pulsed light (IPL) that utilizes a 3rd generation intense pulsed light technology patented in United States. It is FDA approved technology for permanent hair reduction.

How does it work?

Sciton™ Broadband Light is performed only in clinics around the world by professionally trained aestheticians. This revolutionary technology can be used safely on all skin types. The treatment works by safely and gently heating the dermis to a temperature that “damages” the hair follicle in a precise, controlled manner. The hair follicle is selectively targeted by the beam of light emitted by the laser “damaging” the hair follicle prevents re-growth of hair without injuring the surrounding skin. Treatments are more efficient because of the IN-Motion technology which allows the handpiece to slide along the patient’s skin ensuring maximum coverage. Energy is delivered safely and uniformly. This revolutionary system offers a dual cooling mechanism for superior epidermal preservation; there is no downtime and minimal discomfort.

Areas of treatment

  • Face – facial hair, upper lip, chin and beard
  • Legs
  • Underarm / Arm
  • Backs, Abdomens and Shoulders
  • Brazilian and Bikini line

Who are suitable for the treatment?

Men, women, and children may be treated with BBL. Treatments can be customized according to your hair colour, texture, and body location. BBL hair reduction works best on fair-skinned individuals with brown or black hairs. It is not effective for fine white or grey hairs.

How many treatments will be needed?

Hair has 3 phases of growth: active growth phase, an intermediate non-growth phase, and a resting phase with no hair follicle present. Duration of hair growth cycles vary with the location on the body. The laser can only eliminate the hair that is currently in an active growth cycle. Usually at least 6 sessions are necessary over a time span (6 – 8-week intervals) to remove hair from most areas. Results may only be apparent for several months post treatment.

Is this treatment permanent?

On average, each BBL™ treatment will be associated with some hair loss. So, in most cases permanent hair reduction can only be achieved after several treatments. The number of treatments will depend on each patient’s individual response and the amount of hair to be removed. Remember that the goal may not be total hair removal but rather reduction. Many patients are happy with a reasonable degree of hair reduction. Also remember that the hair that remains is often lighter in colour and thinner than the original hair. As with other treatments for unwanted hair, there is no guarantee that hair reduction treatments will be permanent.

After the procedure

Hairs do not fall out immediately, but you will shed them over a period of days to weeks. This may look like continued hair growth. The repeated treatments are usually necessary because hair growth and loss naturally occur in a cycle, and laser treatment works best with hair follicles in the new-growth stage. You might notice redness for the first few hours after laser hair removal. To reduce any discomfort, apply ice to the treated area. After laser hair removal and between scheduled treatments, avoid sun exposure — both natural sunlight and tanning beds for 6 weeks. Use sunscreen daily.


Results vary significantly and are difficult to predict. Most people experience hair removal that lasts several months, and it might last for years, but laser hair removal doesn’t guarantee permanent hair removal. When hair regrows, it’s usually finer and lighter in colour. You might need maintenance laser treatments for long-term hair reduction.

How long does BBL hair reduction last?

BBL hair reduction is permanent when the hair follicle is destroyed. When the hair follicle is only damaged, the hair will eventually regrow. The amount of time it takes for the hair to regrow depends on the person’s unique hair growth cycle. Some people have hair that grows more quickly than others. Hair that is in a resting phase will grow back more slowly than hair that is in another phase.