Volume loss is one of the most obvious signs of aging. As we age our skin naturally loses collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.  The decrease in these essential skin components results in wrinkles, creases, dehydration and skin laxity.

Everyone would fancy a smoother skin, plumper lips, higher cheekbones and nose, but not many would consider going under the knife to achieve these.

Dermal fillers are one of the most popular, non-surgical options for solving aging skin problems and defining facial features.  It provides an easy way to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, smooth the skin and give a more youthful appearance.  It gives you a natural looking result that does not affect facial expression.


The visible effects of facial aging are the progressive changes you can see when you look in the mirror.   Volume loss, skin elasticity, sagging, frown lines, forehead lines, smile lines, lip lines, marionette lines, as well as changes to the texture and colour of the skin. Each filler addresses different issues and depending on your needs.

Facial aging usually begins in your 30s when the firmness of your skin begins to decrease.
Facial aging is caused by both internal (age-related) and external (or environmental) factors.   Internal factors happen over time and are caused by genetics and the natural aging process.  External factors are things around you, including sun exposure, smoking, pollution, gravity, facial expressions, and sleeping position.   All these factors can contribute to changes in the skin, as well as changes in facial bones.


As skin ages, the dermis thins due to collagen loss, reducing its ability to retain elasticity (from elastin) and moisture (hyaluronic acid).  Elastin is an elastic protein that helps maintain shape, while hyaluronic acid cushions and lubricates to keep the skin moist.

With age and environmental damage, collagen is lost, and as time goes on, the body’s natural production decreases. The damage to the underlying structure of the skin reduces the skin’s ability to maintain elasticity and retain moisture.

Skin appears looser and sags. Gravity then pulls on both the skin and fats, and they move down the face. This results in sagging eyelids, bags under the eyes, and jowls.


Different types of dermal fillers are designed to treat varying signs of aging due to the loss of collagen and elasticity in the skin. In Celevenus, Dr Chau believes in the usage of Hyaluronic acid, Juvederm and Restylane.


Hyaluronic acid can be found naturally in our body.  It is designed to replace the hyaluronic acid we have lost.  It does this by filling the space of volume loss which improves folds and wrinkles, as well as attracting water to replenish moisture to your skin and promoting new collagen growth.  Hyaluronic acid-based fillers are absorbable and last from 9 months to a year or more.


Dermal fillers are non-invasive, injection treatments that require very little downtime and cause minimal discomfort. Juvederm® is a range of injectable dermal fillers – each formulated to target specific conditions.

Over time, the face loses volume, causing the cheeks to flatten, the skin to sag, and lines, wrinkles, and folds to form and deepen. Juvéderm injectable fillers are formulated to treat different conditions and areas of the face, such as the cheeks, lips, and lines and wrinkles. Each product is made from hyaluronic acid to add volume, help the skin retain moisture and softness, and deliver nutrients to the skin.


  • Juvederm Ultra® XC and Ultra Plus® XC
  • Juvederm Voluma® XC
  • Juvederm Vollure™ XC
  • Juvederm Volbella® XC
  • Juvederm ® Volift ®


The Restylane line of hyaluronic acid fillers provides natural-looking results by smoothing away facial wrinkles and folds.

Restylane® can give you what you’re looking for. It is a hyaluronic acid in the form of crystal-clear gel. It is an instant, long lasting wrinkle correction. It creates volume under the wrinkle by lifting it up and smoothing it out. You will see and leave with immediate results.


Dermal fillers, also known as “injectables” or “soft-tissue fillers,” do just what their name suggests — they fill in the area under the skin.  Fillers can be used to improve or enhance facial skin and structures such as:

  • Correcting wrinkles, fine lines, deep creases, top lip, neck and hands to restore smoothness
  • Temple (adding volume to sunken temple)
  • Forehead (improving the general smoothness of the forehead)
  • Scars (improving or softening the look of recessed scars)
  • Lips (adding volume to thin or wrinkled lips and enlarging lips for a fuller, softer pout)
  • Cheek (enhancing cheekbones to make them fuller and more defined)
  • Lifting features of the face and contouring the jaw line
  • Filling in sunken areas, examples Nasolabial folds, Forehead, Temples, Jowls and Marionette Lines
  • Chin (to reshape and lengthen)
  • Nose (Non-surgical nose-job to fill in dips and valleys in the nose bridge)
  • Under eye (filling in hollows under the eyes that contribute to dark circles)


dermal fillers chin before and after

Is your chin too small or short?   If the chin is too small or short in relation to the rest of the face, we can properly restore this using a filler. This adds extra volume to the chin, which makes it larger. This treatment is virtually painless.

Hyaluronic acid also hydrates the dry, cracked skin. For neutralizing pits, wrinkles and lines, we work with Botox with filler.  This relaxes the muscle that pulls on the skin from the inside and causes an orange peel skin.

Chin fillers will help you have a slimmer looking face, as fillers can reshape your chin, improving your frontal and side profile. Enhancing your chin will create a more defined appearance that still looks natural.


women do dermal filler on cheek

Celevenus only uses the safest, most effective FDA-approved, naturally biodegradable dermal fillers, such as the Juvederm® and Restylane® ranges. These hyaluronic acid fillers closely mimic the natural hyaluronic acid in our skin. They are injected deep within the tissues, for superior lift and sculpting possibilities to re-volumize cheeks as well as hydrate the skin.

They can be used most effectively and naturally to restore areas of lost volume in the mid-face that occurs as we age, which often contributes to sagging and jowling.   Strategic and skilful placement of filler can lift and support the face naturally, redefining the cheeks and adding support where it is needed most.

Nasolabial lines, marionette lines, jowl and temple can also be treated together with the cheeks to generate a lifting effect.


doctor performs wrinkles reduction treatment

Dark circles or sunken under eyes can make you look tired and older than you are. Using fillers around the eye area can help to improve any dark circles, and even reduce any fine lines found around the eyes. Eye fillers are the best correction treatment for volume loss, especially since there is little to no downtime involved.

Furthermore, the entire treatment usually does not last longer than 15 minutes, and the results are noticeable immediately after the treatment.

These soft tissue fillers help to provide instant results by adding more volume and are more affordable than surgery. However, these treatments are not permanent, and the patient should repeat the treatment in the future to maintain results.


doctor performs hiko nose face threadlift

Get that delicate and youthful look with a beautiful nose.  Immediate results for nose tip enhancement and bridge lift.

The tip of the nose slopes downward and sags together with the rest of the face as one ages. We lift and beautify the shape of the nose using botox and hyaluronic acid filler injections.


dermar fillers lips before and after

Lips are an important part of facial beauty and can add appeal and youth to a face when they are well balanced with other facial features. Lip fillers can be used to plump, enhance or reshape thin or aging lips with natural yet transforming results.  As we age our lip colour and border fades, lines start to appear and lips thin. Whether you have naturally thin lips, lips that have thinned with aging or are looking for a more sensuous lip shape, lip fillers can safely and gently achieve a smooth and enhanced appearance.

Lip fillers are made from Hyaluronic Acid, a product found naturally in the skin, in the form of a smooth gel. Lip fillers can be injected to safely achieve fuller, sexier and pouting lips. It can also be used to plump up lips thinned out by effects of aging, an ultimate choice of beauty.

Side effects are extremely rare when it comes to using our lip fillers. It is important for a potential patient to discuss their known allergies, or medication regimen, at the initial consultation to ensure the right lip filler is chosen.

Additionally, most people who have lip fillers can resume all of the normal activities just one day after the procedure.


doctor perform permanent hand rejuvenation

Injectable fillers such as Restylane, Sculptra Injection and Hyaluronic acid may be injected beneath the surface of the skin to restore the youthful fullness to your hands.  These hyaluronic acid-based fillers will plump the back of the skin of your hands, so the gaunt, bony look is a thing of the past.

Injections at the back of the hands might be assumed to be painful, but the procedure is virtually painless.  It generally takes less than 30 minutes to inject both hands. The treatment provides an immediate result.  However, the hands may swell slightly.  This means that the result directly after the treatment may not be the result.  The swelling typically resolves spontaneously within a couple of days.  To achieve the optimum result, you will have a touch up treatment in a month times after the initial session.

The result last 12 months or even longer.  The longevity of these filler is variable, and everyone may obtain a different result.  There is very little to no downtime involved in the procedure.  In fact, most patients return to their normal, daily activities right after their visit.


women after performing forehead temple contouring treatment

As part of the aging process, the forehead tends to lose volume due to loss of subcutaneous fat, bone resorption, as well as thinning of the muscles and skin. This process can make you look older, creating an unflattering shadowing which contributes to a dark appearance of the face and eyes.

Same goes with the temples. Your temples lie at the side of your face, just beside your eyes. When your temples lose their volume and become sunken, it can cause an appearance to look similar like a ‘peanut’ – a wide forehead, narrow temples and narrow cheeks. But there is a solution; the volume in your temples can be replaced using dermal fillers. The impact of the treatment can have a stunning effect, leaving the face looking more youthful.


Using Dermal filler on sunken forehead and temples is very effective.   We use dermal filler injections to re-volumize and restore your forehead and temples.   Many dermal fillers are made from a clear gel composed of a substance that is naturally found in skin.   Dermal fillers vary with viscosity, thickness, and longevity.   We tend to use finer fillers in areas where your skin is fine.

Many of the dermal fillers are blended with a local anaesthetic that will significantly reduce any amount of pain during your procedure. This local anaesthetic mildly numbs the injection site – so you experience minimal discomfort.

We’ve been treating the forehead and temples area with dermal fillers for our patients. We know patients often overlook this area of the face to rejuvenate their face. When hollow temple area is pointed out, many patients have an ‘aha’ moment. They realise they’ve been subconsciously changing their hairstyles or covering this area with their hair.


After the treatment, the effects will be immediately obvious. If you have any swelling, this will resolve within 2-3 days after the treatment. In some patients it can take up to a week for complete swelling to go down.  However, none of these will cause any downtime at all, as they are usually mild.

The longevity of your forehead and temples filler treatment will depend on age, the amount of dermal filler used, the placement of the dermal filler and the type of dermal filler product used. Many of our patients report their results last 12 months or more.


All dermal filler procedure usually lasts about 15 minutes. The filler is injected from a fine needle syringe to the treatment area and the results are visible instantly. It is a simple and painless procedure as the fillers are constituted with local anaesthetic. It has a minimal recovery time. Minimal redness or bruising may occur.


After the filler treatment, you can usually return to your regular routine right away. Avoid massaging or apply pressure to the treated areas. For nose fillers, avoid wearing spectacles or sunglasses that presses on the nose bridge.