Facial collagen loss

What are the signs of facial aging?

Sometimes, people can recognise that their faces have changed in photographs or in the mirrors, but they can’t figure out where and how.  One of the main reasons we see facial changes after a certain age is the loss of collagen. This is a fibrous protein located in the deep dermis which provides structure and firmness.  It helps to support the function of elastin and hyaluronic acid in the tissue.  Elastin has the elastic properties you’d expect, keeping the skin toned and prevents it from sagging.  Hyaluronic acid naturally lubricates to maintain supple skin moisture. Having more collagen in the skin allows elastin and HA to thrive, leading to overall plump and youthful skin.

The problem which affects us is that after the age of 30, we begin to lose collagen and produce less of it.  By the age of 50, a person may have lost roughly 40% of their facial collagen which means that our tissues will start to sag, skin will appear thinner and drier, areas like cheeks and temples will begin to shrink, and the face will look aged.

How can you get more collagen where you want it?

There are many skin care products which claim to infuse the skin with plumping collagen benefits. However, the molecules of collagen are way too big to penetrate the skin. Many of these products contain useful emollients and vitamins, but they don’t ‘restore’ collagen as claimed.

There are consumable collagen products as well, yet the digestive system breaks down proteins, so the potential benefits of this approach are inconclusive.

At Celevenus, Sculptra injections are used to help stimulate your body’s collagen production from within. Collagen stimulators can reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles by restoring deep, underlying skin structure. The results are gradual, layered and natural-looking.

Sculptra is the only FDA approved procedure that is proven to stimulate collagen to give volume to the face, correcting folds and sunkening. Unlike skincare products, oral supplements and other treatments, Sculptra stimulates so much collagen that it actually fills up the volume of the face. These increase in collagen and volume gives us a more youthful look that is natural, importantly.

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