Square jaw

What causes a wide face and square jawline?

Everyone has a masseter muscle located toward the rear of their jaw. It is responsible for moving the jaw and allowing us to chew. These strong muscles can become overdeveloped from clenching, teeth grinding and even frequent gum chewing, but in many cases, a strong jawline is genetic. Some people suffer from hypertrophy of this muscle, which means the muscle is a bit larger than normal. This result in a square jawline. This is often seen as an attractive characteristic in men, but it can sometimes make women look masculine. That’s where jawline contouring comes in. This procedure reduces the mass in the rear of the jaw, minimizing the square look in favour of a more defined and feminine contour.

What is jawline contouring?

Jawline contouring is most often performed on women who want to reduce the squareness of their jaw, and achieve a softer, more feminine look. They may also want to balance the wider lower half of their face with a narrower upper half to create a more balanced look.

Jaw reduction treatments for a narrower face

That ‘square-jawed’ look is usually the result of over developed masseter muscles and this is nothing to do with age and you can change your jawline – in the hands of an expert. With the advanced techniques and specialised use of Botulinum Toxin (like Botox or Dysport) the strength and size of your masseter muscles can be slimmed down and without detriment to your ability to chew. You’ll find your jawline regains a smoother oval and loses the squareness at the angle of your jaw, giving you a much more youthful and feminine appearance.

Treatments available


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