Sunken eyelids


Sunken and hollow eyelids can sometimes make you look tired and dull even if you are young and healthy enough. It will cause the appearance under your eyes to appear dark, sunken, and hollow as well. While sunken eye lid is usually just a result of aging, dehydration, or not getting enough sleep, they could also be a sign of a medical condition.

As we age, we tend to lose fat on our eye lid and causes it to look sunken. Think of how young people and babies are often described as having full round faces, and older people develop gaunt, sunken features. Like a balloon losing air, we develop the appearance of excess skin in the upper eyelid area as the natural volume of facial fat decreases with age.

In some situations, it is best to cut away this extra Eyelid skin, but other patients will benefit most from inflating the brow and upper lid back to how it was when they were younger. Dr Chau will determine which procedure is best for you during your consultation. To restore lost volume around the eyes, Dr Chau uses dermal filler to reduce the sunken look on your upper eyelid without surgery or downtime.

Dermal fillers involve an injection of a naturally occurring substance known as hyaluronic acid into the tissue at the socket of the upper eye lid. A filler is usually painless and takes just a few minutes to inject, but it doesn’t last forever, so you’ll need to get the procedure redone every year or so.


  • Genetics
  • Aging-related atrophy/loss of upper eyelid fat tissue
  • Iatrogenic causes such as post eyelid surgery volume loss, especially eyelid surgeries that were done in the past where surgical techniques and equipment were not as advanced as recent years
  • Aponeurotic ptosis where there might be thinning of the upper lid, deepening of the eyelid sulcus and a raised upper lid crease resulting in the upper eyelid looking sunken/hollow