how to get rid of double chin

How To Get Rid of Double Chin: Get The Tips Right Here!

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    Do you find yourself constantly adjusting your posture, tilting your head in photos, or avoiding selfies altogether because of your pesky double chin? You’re not alone. Many people struggle with excess fat or loose skin on the chin, making them feel self-conscious.

    But fear not. There are plenty of ways that help you get rid of the double chin. Availing yourself of the methods eventually bring back your refined jawline and, most importantly, your confidence.

    Now let’s take a look at our recommendations on how to get rid of double chin, which we’ll explain further in this article.

    What is a Double Chin?

    Young caucasian woman face with double chin isolated white background

    A double chin is a condition where there are visible rolls underneath the chin. The rolls are mainly consisting of fat, loose skin or a combination of both.

    Having a double chin can be a major source of insecurity. Because of this, many people who have it often hide their chin. They may do it by constantly adjusting their postures, tilting their heads in photos or avoiding selfies altogether due to poor self-image.

    It must be frustrating to have a double chin. You may have done weight loss exercise or diet, yet it remains visible for everyone to see. Worse, this condition can make your body appear unproportionate, with a slim figure yet chubby facial shape.

    What Causes a Double Chin?

    A double chin is commonly associated with excess body fat. One may have normal body weight yet still have the rolls around the chin. This leaves them feeling confused as to why their double chin is there while they’re not overweight.

    If you experience the same issue, other factors may be the reasons. Let’s figure out the sources of your double chin from the following common causes:

    Excess facial fat

    You may have heard that excess body fat contributes to a double chin. It’s not always true, as not everyone who is overweight has a double chin, and not everyone who has a double chin is overweight.

    Alternatively, the cause of a double chin is excess facial fat. The excess facial fat is responsible for creating a pocket of fat that pushes the skin outward, making the chin appears like it’s doubled up.

    Unfortunately, the way that your face and neck store higher fat deposits is something out of your control. As a result, despite having a slim body figure, you can still develop a double chin.

    It’s especially true if you have a weaker jawline. The fat deposits that should’ve been distributed around the lines are placed in one spot—your chin.

    Ageing skin

    Your skin gradually loses its ability to produce collagen as you get older. What comes with lesser collagen is ageing skin – a condition where your skin becomes thinner and less elastic.

    When your skin gets less of the support it needs, it begins to sag and creates a pocket of loose skin around the chin and neck areas. This saggy and loose skin will then appear as a double chin.

    Additionally, ageing skin may also weaken your muscles. As a result, a double chin can become more visible as your muscles are less able to support the skin and fat around the neck and chin.

    Facial structure

    A certain facial structure can contribute to a double chin formation in a variety of ways. First, it’s the shape and size of the jawline. For example, a weak jawline or receding chin can create a pocket of skin and fat underneath the chin, which appears as a double chin.

    Second, it’s the alignment of the teeth. Misaligned teeth or an uneven bite can cause tension around the jawline and neck muscles, leading to a double chin formation.

    Poor posture

    Standing still in a poor posture can cause you to have a double chin. When you hunch over, the skin and muscles around your neck and chin can become compressed. Eventually, this creates a pocket of fat and skin underneath the chin that appears as a double chin.

    In addition, poor posture gives tension and strain to the muscles around your neck and jawline. Tensed muscles within this area make it difficult to maintain a toned and firm appearance. 

    And what happens next? Yes, you’re right, this leads to a double chin formation.


    Try to look at your family’s facial features, do they have an outwardly facing chin? If they do, chances are you’re likely to have one as well.

    Double chin, as previously mentioned, is caused by loose skin or fat. Oftentimes, this trait is genetically inherited. That means having a family history of double increases your chances of developing one yourself.

    Do Certain Facial Shapes Affect Double Chin Formation?

    women different facial shapes that can affect double chin

    There’s a myth going around saying that a round-shaped face is most likely to develop a double chin. While it may be true for some people, not everyone with a round-shaped face has a double chin. 

    Rather than believing that certain facial shapes affect double chin formation, know that this condition is caused by a recessed chin. A recessed chin can affect anyone, regardless of their facial shape.

    Someone may have an oval face that is deemed to be the most attractive yet still have a recessed chin. In this case, their lower facial area – from below the nose to the chin – appears to be indented.

    The indented lower face means that the face has a limited area to hold the skin and fat. As they experience weight gain or collagen loss, the fat and skin will accumulate narrowly, causing a double chin to form.

    Can Double Chin Go Away Naturally?

    Some people can reduce their double chin naturally. Skin elasticity and higher metabolism rates are two main factors that increase the success rate of natural double chin removal.

    If you wonder how to get rid of your double chin naturally, consider trying these recommended activities:

    1. Practise mewing

    Mewing is the practice of placing your tongue—including the behind part—on the roof of your mouth. You must also close your mouth, setting your teeth together while practising it.

    This practice will tighten the muscles and sagging skin around your jowls as you place your tongue up to the roof of your mouth. Though the results are minimal at first, continuing this practice will gradually reduce your double chin.

    In addition, mewing trains you to avoid breathing from your mouth. Mouth breathing is known to weaken your jawline, thus leading to a recessed chin. Overall, practising mewing eventually improves your facial aesthetics.

    2. Face massage

    A facial massage that targets your jawline and jowls is advisable to reduce a double chin naturally. It helps you tighten any saggy skin and strengthen your muscles.

    You can practise facial massage by applying face oil all over the treated areas. Proceed by placing the back of your hands on the bottom of your chin and slowly slide them all the way behind your ears with light to medium pressure.

    Ideally, you continue massaging your face with your index and middle fingers. Shape your index and middle finger as a v-shape, press them below your chin, and gradually slide them through your jawline.

    3. Weight loss diet and exercise

    A weight loss diet and exercise are helpful if your double chin is followed by an overweight body. By losing the excess weight and fat on your body, your face will shrink as well.

    In this case, start by opting for healthier eating habits. Healthy foods with rich fibers give you nutrition while remaining low in calories. By cutting down your calorie intake, your body can burn the excess fat more effectively.

    Healthy eating habit is best combined with exercise. You can start by walking approximately 2 – 5 km daily to burn calories. In turn, your body can effectively lose its excess weight and fat, leading to a reduced double chin.

    What if the double chin remains visible?

    A double chin that persists after performing the natural remedies is common. Everyone has unique skin, resulting in some of them seeing no significant results from the DIY techniques.

    Experiencing this issue should be something other than your major source of stress. There are available non-surgical double chin removal treatments in aesthetic clinic. These treatments help you regain your ideal chin shape without needing to go under the knife.

    How do these treatments help you to get rid of your double chin? Learn more about them in further detail through our explanation below.

    Non-surgical double chin removal treatment choices

    double chin removal treatment result

    4. HIFU Doublo Gold

    HIFU Doublo Gold is a non-invasive treatment that uses High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) technology. It works by radiating ultrasound energy into the deep skin layers to repair skin laxity issues.

    What’s more, HIFU Doublo Gold implements the latest technology. It delivers bidirectional, rapid, and continuous pulsed ultrasound at the rate of 300 shots in 8 minutes—compared to other HIFU systems that only deliver pulses in one direction.

    Mild to moderate saggy skin within the double chin is ideal for treating with HIFU Doublo Gold. Patients can see the results almost immediately after the treatment. The results will continue improving as the skin produces more elastin and collagen over the next 6 months.

    What happens during the treatment?

    Your medical aesthetics doctor will start the HIFU Doublo Gold treatment by cleansing your skin. He’ll then apply topical numbing cream, which helps reduce any discomfort during the treatment. 

    After leaving the numbing cream to take effect for 30 – 60 minutes, he’ll remove it. When your skin is numbed, he’ll perform the treatment, which lasts approximately 90 minutes.

    Downtime and aftercare

    There’s generally no downtime nor post-care treatment after undergoing HIFU Doublo Gold. You can safely continue your activities immediately after stepping out of the aesthetic clinic by protecting your skin with sunscreen.

    As long as you choose your medical aesthetic doctor wisely, you can stay away from adverse side effects. A professional and experienced medical aesthetic doctor will ensure the treatment is safe and comfortable.

    Expectable results from the treatment

    Undergoing HIFU Doublo Gold gives you tightened and lifted skin effects. However, you should note that the effects are temporary, knowing that it’s a non-invasive treatment.

    Despite the lifting and tightening effects being temporary, they can last beyond a year. As a result, you can enjoy your rejuvenated chin without repeating the treatment way too often. This safe your needs of undergoing surgeries that can come off as horrifying.

    5. Thermage FLX

    Thermage FLX is a non-invasive skin-tightening rejuvenation that uses radiofrequency (RF) technology. It works by radiating the RF energy into the deep skin layer to stimulate the body’s natural collagen, which results in a softer and lifted skin.

    What’s special about Thermage FLX is that it entails faster procedure and less discomfort compared to the previous Thermage generations. In turn, the RF energy works more effectively in stimulating new collagen production.

    Thermage FLX is ideal to use for treating sagging skin around the face and neck, which accounts for a double chin. After the procedure, patients will notice slight effects, which will continue to improve over the next 3 months as the body produces more collagen.

    Your medical aesthetic doctor will begin the treatment by cleansing your skin. It removes any infectious germs or bacteria which are harmful to your skin. Subsequently, he may apply a light amount of numbing cream to provide a comfortable procedure for you.

    After waiting for some time until the numbing cream works, he’ll remove it before moving on to performing the procedure. During the procedure, which lasts for 60 – 90 minutes, he’ll use a handheld device to emit radiofrequency energy into your face and neck.

    There is little to no downtime or post-care treatments after undergoing Thermage FLX. It’s safe for you to continue your active lifestyle right after finishing the procedure. But it’s always a good idea to apply sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

    After undergoing Thermage FLX, you can expect a slight improvement in your double chin. The effects are, however, only 10% of the final results. You need to wait for another 3 months, as your skin needs time to produce sufficient collagen to appear smooth and lifted.

    6. Facial Thread Lift

    Facial thread lift is a non-surgical treatment that aims to tighten your skin naturally. It entails placing medical-grade and biodegradable sutures underneath your skin, which are safe for your body.

    Furthermore, the sutures consist of barbs that anchor the loose skin together, giving it a more lifted look. These sutures also stimulate the body to produce collagen, which accounts for providing skin with the structure it needs.

    Undergoing facial thread lift is suitable for a double chin. The sagging skin or fat can be immediately lifted, and the appearance is reduced. Most importantly, the results are long-lasting, allowing you to have more lifted skin for over 12 months.

    To start the treatment, your medical aesthetic doctor will cleanse your skin to remove any bacteria that can infect your skin. Following that, he’ll mark and numb your skin with topical anaesthetic cream to guide the treatment and reduce painful sensations during the procedure.

    Next, he’ll place the sutures into your skin based on the mark that he previously drew. The suture placement takes anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes, depending on your double chin’s condition. 

    Bleeding and bruising during the procedure are expectable, as the treatment entails placing medical threads underneath your skin. Some people may experience mild to moderate aches, depending on their pain tolerance.

    After undergoing a facial thread lift, you may experience swelling, aching, and needle marks for a few days to a week. You need to rest during this time to heal properly before continuing your activity.

    Despite the side effects requiring rest time, they’re generally disguisable with makeup. This allows you to remain confident throughout the healing process. Your medical aesthetic doctor will also provide you with a painkiller to manage the painful sensation.

    Once your skin heals from the swelling and needle marks, you may notice the lifting effects. The lifting effects may become more noticeable in the next 4 – 6 months as your skin produces more collagen. Lastly, the effects stay for 12 – 16 months, depending on your skin.

    7. Intracel Microneedling

    Intracel Microneedling is a treatment that involves delivering radiofrequency energy using hair-fine microneedles. This procedure aims to stimulate collagen remodelling, which leads to a smoother and lifted complexion.

    What’s more, the radiofrequency energy and fine hair micro needles target the deep skin layers. Repairing skin from the deep layers ultimately gives a more visible rejuvenation – tight and lifting effects.

    Double chin is one of the issues ideally treated with Intracel Microneedling. The heat and injury created by the procedure will stimulate collagen remodelling, helping your loose and sagging skin to become firmer.

    During the treatment, your medical aesthetic doctor will cleanse your skin to get rid of germs and bacteria. After your skin is cleansed, he’ll apply topical numbing cream, which reduces any discomfort or painful sensation throughout the procedure.

    Following that, he’ll apply a handheld device, consisting of radiofrequency energy and microneedles, to your skin. The procedure is relatively short, taking around 20 minutes to complete.

    After undergoing Intracel Microneedling, your skin may feel tender. The sensation lasts from 2 days to a maximum of a week. You should limit your facial movement during this time and use sunscreen to protect your skin from UV rays.

    The results from Intracel Microneedling vary from one person to another. You may need fewer or more sessions to reach your treatment goals.

    Ideally, patients will need to undergo more than one session to see the final results. The number of sessions, however, should be something you consult with your aesthetic medical doctor.

    8. Venus Legacy

    Venus Legacy is a non-invasive skin tightening treatment. It uses a combination of patented technology – Multi-Polar Radio Frequency, VariPulse Technology™ and Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields (MP) – to stimulate the body’s natural collagen production.

    The heat delivered from the technology will penetrate deep into the skin layers, increasing collagen levels naturally. Collagen is essential for keeping the skin looking firm, elastic, and youthful.

    If you have a double chin, undergoing Venus Legacy can be one of your choices. The technology helps in repairing loose and sagging jowls from the inside. Ultimately, you can enjoy your rejuvenated skin without the need to undergo surgical treatments.

    Before starting the treatment, your medical aesthetic doctor will cleanse your skin. This removes germs and bacteria from your skin, which ensures that the procedure won’t cause you an infection.

    Your medical aesthetic doctor will move on to apply a heated applicator to your skin. It delivers thermal energy into your skin, which leads to collagen remodelling from the deep layers.

    During the heated device application, your skin will feel warm. If the Varipulse is used, you may also experience a suction sensation, which remains to be comfortable in your skin. 

    There is no downtime that you’ll experience after undergoing Venus Legacy. It’s safe for you to continue your activity right away. However, we recommend that you use sunscreen to protect your newly rejuvenated skin from the damage of UV rays.

    Venus Legacy requires multiple sessions until you achieve the ideal results. Typically, patients need 6 – 10 sessions in a single area, with an interval of a week. Later, they may repeat the procedure once a month to maintain the results.

    9. Agnes RF

    Agnes RF is a non-invasive and non-surgical treatment for skin tightening and facial contouring. It entails using radiofrequency technology and insulated needles to address excess facial fat that causes an unsightly appearance.

    The heat from radiofrequency and small injuries from the needles will melt away the excess fat, which the body will absorb and clean. The procedure will also stimulate collagen production, which gives skin its firmness.

    If you have a double chin, undergoing Agnes RF can be an ideal choice. It provides natural and comparable results to invasive procedures without you having to go under the knife. 

    During the treatment, your medical aesthetic doctor will first sanitise your skin, ensuring that there are no bacteria that will infect your skin. Right after that, he’ll apply numbing cream to reduce any discomfort that may arise throughout the procedure.

    The numbing cream takes anywhere between 30 – 60 minutes to take effect. Once it numbs your skin, your medical aesthetic doctor will have it removed and proceed to the main procedure.

    The main procedure involves applying a handheld device consisting of insulated needles to deliver the radiofrequency energy. The injury and heat produced by the device will help your skin to repair itself from the inside.

    After undergoing Agnes RF treatment, the possible side effects include swelling, redness, and bruising. These side effects usually heal in 3 – 10 days, depending on your skin’s condition.

    It’s recommended that you rest properly during this time. If you wish to go outside, applying sunscreen is a must. This will protect your skin from UV rays, which are harmful to your skin.

    You can see the double chin rejuvenation effects 4 – 6 weeks after the treatment. It’s such a long process because your skin needs time to produce new collagen before it can remodel its structure. 

    How to Get Rid of Double Chin: Which Treatment Option Is Right for Me?

    Generally, all of the treatments we mentioned above are suitable for reducing double chin. Each treatment uses a unique approach, effectively treating double chin of various skin conditions and concerns.

    If you need help deciding which double chin removal treatment to choose, you can consult our medical aesthetic doctor. Dr Dylan Chau will assess your skin condition and suggest the right treatment for you.

    Consulting Dr Dylan Chau is also essential in giving you safety assurance. This is because some treatments aren’t suitable for people with certain medical concerns. If you have any of the conditions, he can recommend other safe treatments that are ideal for you.


    That’s all it!

    We hope this article explains how to get rid of your double chin, either through natural remedies or clinical treatments.

    If you wish to undergo any clinical treatments to remove your double chin, we’re here to help you. Contact us today and get ready to enjoy your firm skin once again!

    About Celevenus Wellness & Aesthetic Clinic

    Celevenus is an aesthetic clinic in Singapore that offers a variety of signature treatments to rejuvenate the body and skin. Our series of treatments use non-surgical methods, so they are suitable for anyone unsure about going under the knife.

    Led by Dr Dylan Chau, who is an expert in blending science and artistry, we are here to provide several face enhancement methods, such as Sculptra, dermal fillers, HIKO nose threadlift, and acne scar treatments, that are safe and provide optimal results for our patients.

    What’s more, we also perform non-surgical body contouring using the Venus Legacy method. This treatment makes an ideal choice for anyone who dreams of having a slimmer body silhouette but fear undergoing an invasive procedure that takes longer to heal.

    Overall, we strive to be a trustworthy aesthetic clinic that prioritises the right solutions for our patients through the variety of face and body enhancements we offer.

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