Neck Wrinkles / Creases


Neck wrinkles and creases can be caused by a wide variety of factors, including sun exposure, genetics, and lifestyle such as smoking and drinking too much. Repetitive neck movements and sleeping position also play a role. Sleeping in a way that your neck is always crunched down can contribute to neck wrinkles. Weight fluctuations and hormonal changes can also developed neck wrinkles and creases. Repeatedly “folding” the skin of the neck isn’t good for your neck, or your shoulders and spine for that matter. So stop scrolling, take a break from your phone and try keep your neck level when using any kind of screen.


One of the best ways to treat neck wrinkles and creases is to try and stop them from forming in the first place. The neck should be treated with as much care, attention and love as the face. Most women take the time to cleanse, tone, apply serum and moisturize their faces but necks rarely get this kind of pampering. The strategy should be prevention, hydration and repair.

One of the most effective ways to prevent and treat neck wrinkles is with the right products. Neck creams are designed just for this delicate area; they tend to be richer and have more gentle ingredients than a face cream. In Celevenus, we are using Nectifirm Advanced to improve the appearance of the wrinkles and creases.