Benefits of Profhilo treatment


Frequently Asked Questions

Profhilo is suitable for anyone who wishes to boost their collagen and elastin fibres. It is a proper anti-ageing treatment that prevents fine lines and wrinkles for anyone in their mid-twenties and above.

We will always apply anesthetic cream before starting the treatment, making the pain well-tolerated by most patients.

Profhilo treatment works by injecting pure Hyaluronic Acid that is also naturally produced by the body. Making the procedure has minimal to no significant side effects.

There are only minor effects reported by some individuals, such as skin swelling and bruising.

The effects will differ depending on the individual’s skin condition. However, it’s common for the effect to last from 6-9 months after the 2nd session.

Profhilo’s standard procedure consists of 2 treatments with a 1-month interval. But for some cases in which the individual has saggier skin, they can opt for 3rd session within 1 month period.

You can repeat the treatment after 6-12 months to maintain the Profhilo results.

Profhilo is a natural Hyaluronic Acid injection beauty treatment that requires you little to no aftercare. However, we highly advise you to do the following steps after your Profhilo session:

  • Avoid using make-up and touching your face
  • Avoid sauna and steam rooms
  • Avoid swimming
  • Avoid UV lights by applying SPF
  • Avoid excessive alcohol consumption