R4 collagen induction

Witness the power of the collagen induction thru advanced science technique and maximum benefits to the skin delivered all within 1 hour thru our R4 Collagen Induction.


R - Resurface Renew Revitalise Restore


how r4 collagen induction therapy works

R4 Collagen Induction triggers collagen production through a micro needling current wave technique. During the treatment, ultra-fine pins create minuscule columns in the dermis, which triggers the skin’s healing abilities. As the skin heals, it fills in the columns with fresh, new skin cells, resulting in firmer, smoother skin and new collagen production. R4 treatments have virtually have no downtime because it does not disturb the outer-most layer of skin, while promoting healing and growth in the layers below.

Infused with CALECIM® Professional Serum which contains high concentrations of Rejuvenating Conditioned Media, it offers an unprecedented combination of cytokines and growth factors physiologically balanced exactly as nature intended to activate tissue renewal. This active ingredient, derived from a patented source of umbilical cord lining stem cells, works by providing a nutrient-rich microenvironment for a variety of injured adult tissue to help limit the area of damage and boost a regenerative response. The umbilical cord extract is a protein-rich formula that stimulates the skin’s self-healing properties and nourishes the skin to help it look and feel younger and amazingly improves skin laxity and correct poor skin tone with all these benefits in just one treatment.

Bring home a CALECIM® multi action cream to continue the boosting and result optimizing together with treatment.

R4 Collagen Induction is highly recommended to all genders with no current comedone, skin issue and suitable for active people who want to reduce signs of aging of skin while obtaining an overall a fresh and tight appearance after just one session. The result is cumulative and long lasting after 6 sessions.