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Collagen Stimulator for Eyes: A Rejuvenation of Your Eye Youthfulness

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    Lack of sleep, a poor lifestyle, and ageing can all negatively impact your eye appearance. Toward the bottom of a hill, it can bother your self-esteem as a poorly maintained under-eye area can make you appear older than you actually are.

    If you value freshness and desire to maintain youthfulness, you surely want to avoid imperfections around your eyes. Thankfully, Collagen Stimulator for Eyes exists to help you out with this issue and allows you to regain the flawless looks you desire.

    In this article, we will discuss sculptra injection for the eye areas, from its definition and procedure, to how it can correct imperfections and rejuvenate your under-eye. Keep reading to find out how this treatment may be the one for you!

    What is Collagen Stimulator?

    Collagen stimulator is treatment that is made of a substance called Poly-L-Lactic acid (PLLA). Its typically used to replenish collagen loss and improve the face’s overall appearance non-surgically. Safety-wise, it’s FDA-approved to inject on the face to reduce fine lines, deep wrinkles, and sagging skin.

    Other than the face area, PLLA collagen stimulator is also suitable for other areas, such as eyes, cheeks, and neck. Patients who undergo treatment in these areas can expect to see an improvement in their blemishes.

    What is Collagen Stimulator for Eyes?

    Collagen stimulator for eyes is similar to a collagen stimulator in general, except that it focuses on restoring lost collagen and facial fat around the eyes. Typically, patients who would undergo this treatment have hollow eyebags with fine lines around them.

    The l-poly-lactic acid will act as replenishment for the natural facial fat loss that had caused them to have unappealing eyes. Along the way, the l-poly-lactic acid will stimulate collagen production, improving patients’ under-eye complexion and giving them more rejuvenated looks with fewer wrinkles, fine lines, and hollowness.

    What to expect from Collagen Stimulator for Eyes?

    Patients who get collagen stimulator injections around their eyes can expect revitalised under-eye areas without worrying about the discomfort of going under the knife. This non-invasive treatment entails injecting l-poly-lactic acid, which can boost imperfections with comparable results to plastic surgery.

    Furthermore, this treatment gives patients improved eye appearance along with security assurance. The main ingredient, l-poly-lactic acid, can provide tissue augmentation for a long time while remaining biocompatible, allowing patients’ bodies to absorb it over time, or approximately 25 months.

    On the other hand, the injection contains l-poly-lactic acid, which promotes collagen production. It means that after receiving the treatment, patients’ skin will continue to produce collagen, allowing fine lines and wrinkles around the under-eye to diminish gradually.

    Who is a suitable candidate for Collagen Stimulator for Eyes?

    The Collagen Stimulator for Eyes is ideal for most people who want to boost their self-esteem, especially those with hollow under-eye circles with fine lines around them. Although this treatment can give flawless-looking eyes, there are still precautions for to whom can receive it.

    Collagen Stimulator for Eyes procedure

    Collagen Stimulator for Eyes, like other facial filler treatments, require a thorough procedure to ensure that the treatment goes smoothly and that the final results are as expected. The procedure sequence is also important to note because it directly affects the facial skin, which is the first part that attracts attention when it comes to beauty.

    Pre-treatment preparation

    The first step for patients before Collagen Stimulator for Eyes is to have a clinical consultation. A consultation with a medical aesthetics doctor will help them understand what they can expect from this treatment, including side effects and areas of improvement. 

    Moreover, our medical aesthetics doctor, Dr. Chau, will advise patients on what they should avoid consuming before the treatment during a consultation session. Alcohol and blood thinners are the things patients should refrain from as they increase the risk of bleeding. Also, he may suggest his patients avoid using makeup to ease the procedure.


    Patients should come to the clinic for the procedure now that they know what to do (i.e., avoiding alcohol, blood thinners and makeup) following the previous consultation. Once they arrive at the clinic, the staff will prompt them to our medical aesthetics doctor, who will perform the treatment.

    The first thing that patients will get is having their skin cleansed before receiving a collagen stimulator injected into their under eyes. Cleansing the skin removes bacteria and dust particles that could lead to infection.

    After getting their skin sanitised, our medical aesthetics doctor will apply numbing cream around the treatment area. Numbing cream, as the name suggests, relaxes the skin and minimises any discomfort during the procedure.

    The paralysing agent should be working after several minutes of numbing cream application, or around 15 minutes. At this time, our medical aesthetics doctor will begin introducing collagen stimulants into the lower skin layers under the eyes to stimulate collagen production, which will result in filling effects.

    The injection step is relatively short so that patients can squeeze in the treatment in between their hectic schedules. However, it is essential that they return for, if any, subsequent sessions to achieve the optimal looks they are longing for.

    After procedure

    Patients with collagen stimulator injected into the hollow under-eye or tear trough area are more likely to experience the side effects. Thankfully, they should be at ease knowing that once the side effects wear off, the filling or contouring results will be visible.

    However, patients should avoid scrubbing the newly treated area to get the optimal contoured under-eye. Scrubbing can lead to infection and hinder the healing process.

    Common side effects from Collagen Stimulator for Eyes

    We previously stated that Collagen Stimulator injections have side effects that patients should be aware of, particularly when it comes to taking care of them. You may be wondering what the possible side effects are.

    According to Healthline, introducing collagen stimulator into the lower layers of under-eye skin commonly cause the following conditions:

    • Redness
    • Tenderness
    • Painful sensation
    • Minor bleeding
    • Itching
    • Bumps

    Although there may be some side effects after the procedure, these will generally go away within a few days, and patients should do nothing but wait for their skin to heal on its own. However, if the side effects persist for an extended time, they can always seek assistance from our medical aesthetics doctor.

    How long do the final results last?

    The first time collagen stimulator was introduced into the lower layer of the under-eye skin, it worked by promoting collagen production. The loss of facial fat restoration effect, on the other hand, will take time to kick in after the skin has healed from the side effects.

    Although it takes time for patients to notice the natural enhancement that the treatment provides, we are confident that the final results will be long-lasting. 

    PLLA collagen stimulator typically lasts approximately 25 months, allowing patients to enjoy their rejuvenated and youthful-looking skin without the need for frequent touch-ups.

    How much does Collagen Stimulator for under-eye cost?

    The cost of Collagen Stimulator for Eyes typically depends on each patient’s under-eye skin issues. Hence, determining the actual pricing will require them to check their conditions as well as address their concerns and expectations with Dr Dylan Chau.

    Our clinic, on the other hand, offers this treatment starting from S$800. The number of injections received by each patient will then determine the total costs, which is why we recommend that they come in for a consultation. 

    Final Thoughts

    Collagen stimulator injections, aside from improving your overall facial appearance, can also help in reducing under-eye bags or discolouration. But before getting the treatment, you’ll need to consult a professional medical aesthetic doctor first to see if you’re the right fit.

    At Celevenus, we have our Dr Dylan Chau who will evaluate your condition and determine whether or not you’re the right candidate for this treatment. 

    Contact us today to schedule an appointment or get more detailed information about this treatment. 

    About Celevenus Wellness & Aesthetic Clinic

    Celevenus is an aesthetic clinic in Singapore that offers a variety of signature treatments to rejuvenate the body and skin. Our series of treatments use non-surgical methods, so they are suitable for anyone unsure about going under the knife.

    Led by Dr Dylan Chau, who is an expert in blending science and artistry, we are here to provide several face enhancement methods, such as Sculptra, dermal fillers, HIKO nose threadlift, and acne scar treatments, that are safe and provide optimal results for our patients.

    What’s more, we also perform non-surgical body contouring using the Venus Legacy method. This treatment makes an ideal choice for anyone who dreams of having a slimmer body silhouette but fear undergoing an invasive procedure that takes longer to heal.

    Overall, we strive to be a trustworthy aesthetic clinic that prioritises the right solutions for our patients through the variety of face and body enhancements we offer.

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