Skin booster Rejuvenation

Fresh and Radiant Skin With Skin Booster Injection


What is Skin Booster Rejuvenation?

Skin booster rejuvenation is an injectable treatment made of hyaluronic acid. It works by providing the much needed hydration to improve ageing signs such as fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin.

These ageing signs commonly occur due to the skin’s inability to hold water, resulting in the skin losing its natural tightness, elasticity, and smoothness compared to before. Genetics, excessive exposure to direct sunlight, or methods use in daily face care routine may exacerbate these ageing signs.

Who are Ideal Candidates for Skin Booster Rejuvenation?

Generally, anyone with the following ageing signs makes a suitable candidate for skin booster rejuvenation:


roughness of the skin

lack of vitality

loss of elasticity

visible or protruding veins


doctor perform permanent hand rejuvenation

Skin booster treatment can treat the skin on your back hand when it gets thinner, dryer and wrinkled due to ageing or dehydrating of your skin. Skin Boosters is a treatment where substances are injected into the surface of the skin to produce skin hydration and glow.  It will smoothen unwanted wrinkles, improves skin elasticity and overall hydration when used at the back of the hands. the results are impressive. Visible improvements to the skin can be seen after an initial course of treatments resulting in healthier skin with a beautiful glow.


women after perform skin booster rejuvenation treatment

The chest and neckline are places people neglect when it comes to skin care. Most people thinks that the only treatment needed are the places where they themselves and others can see but by doing that, the balance of Hyaluronic acid becomes unbalance between the face the other parts causing one to be hydrated and the neglected parts to be dry and wrinkly.

Similar with hand rejuvenation, Skin boost will give the neglected areas firmness, plumpness and elasticity so that the Hyaluronic acid on every area is balanced and there’s no sharing of it. By keeping the hyaluronic acid levels between different areas balanced, the skin on all areas will be equally healthy and hydrated.


The micro injections gun uses a 9-point needle system to deliver a specific amount of dermal filler to a specific depth tp create a suction that brings the skin closer to the needles for a even distribution of dermal filler up to 1mm into the skin. These micro injections increases the fibroblasts to produce more of the natural Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen and Elastin from our body.

After the treatment, you should be expecting some minor redness, tenderness, swelling or bruising around the treated areas. To have a smoother treatment, we recommend using numbing cream about 30 mins before the treatment.

Initially a course of 3 to 4 treatments is recommended with about 4-6 weeks of rest time between every session. As the hyaluronic acid is broken down over several months, maintenance would be recommended every 6 months or depending on your skin condition. The number of treatments will vary according to individual needs. There is no limit on how often you want to do the treatment. In fact, you can repeat treatment as often as you feel is necessary, so that you always look and feel your best.

It can also be combined with Rejuran Healer, Botulinum Toxin Injection, etc. to meet the different needs of individual customers.






若想要更好的治疗效果,且维持较长的时间,医生通常会建议一个疗程至少做三次,每次间隔约四周左右 (疗程建议仅供参考,治疗则需因人而宜)。