SkinCeuticals mission is to improve skin health. Dedicated to this purpose they make one simple promise, which is to provide advanced skincare backed by science. Made in the USA, their advanced skincare and facial formulas are used by dermatologists, plastic surgeons, medical teams and registered clinics.

SkinCeuticals Facial Treatments

Ultimate Antioxidant Brightening Facial

Experience a lasting boost in radiance with this brightening treatment. Featuring relaxing massage techniques with the highly concentrated Hydrating B5 Masque, as well as a selection of SkinCeuticals’ bestselling antioxidants to further enhance results. 

This is a 75 minutes facial and suitable for all skin types.

Deep Clarifying Facial

Indulge the skin with the purity of a deep cleanse. The Deep Clarifying Facial works to minimize the appearance of pores, detoxify, and clarify the skin.

This is a 60 minutes facial. Suitable for all skin types, especially oily or acne-prone skin types.

Crafted with the bestselling Clarifying Clay Masque in mind, this facial treatment features exfoliation and extraction (optional). Feel the balance and refinement in your smooth, clear complexion after.

Tri-Action Anti-Glycation Luxury Facial

Triple the pampering with SkinCeuticals’ most luxurious facial treatment. With a double dose of the latest in technological application, double the signature massage techniques, and double the brand’s concentrated masques, indulge the skin in a one-of-a-kind facial.

This is a 90 minutes facial. Suitable for normal, dry to combination skin type. Not recommended for oily/ acne-prone skin type

Anti-Blemish Radiance Treatment

Soothing, indulgent, and powerful. The Anti-Blemish Radiance Treatment is a customized skincare solution designed with treatment of blemishes and acne in mind. Tailor-made for skin that is easily irritated, sensitive, or acne-prone, this facial treatment soothes and calms irritated skin by controlling excess sebum production through deep cleansing and detoxifying.

Featuring extraction (optional), and gentle massage techniques alongside the application of the highly concentrated Vitamin C Masque, enjoy a lasting radiant, smooth skin after.

This is a 70 minutes treatment. Suitable for oily and acne prone skin types.

Nourishing Skin Renewal Facial

Suitable for even the most sensitive skin, this treatment strengthens and improves the cells and tissues reconstruction abilities. Designed to calm and nourish, this facial uses a special selection of hydrating products, the Phyto Corrective Serum, as well as the brand’s signature antioxidants.

With its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties alongside gentle massage techniques, the Nourishing Skin Renewal Facial replenishes moisture and calms the skin. Walk away feeling thoroughly radiant, refreshed, and relaxed.

This is a 60 minutes facial. Suitable for normal, dry to combination skin, including sensitive skin. Not recommended for oily/ acne-prone skin types.