Celevevus Aesthetic Clinic was founded in 2007 and there are many reasons why we have thousands of patients who chose us, still choosing to stay with us and also continue to refer their families and friends to us.

Some of our patients have been at some where else before coming to us. Most of them have chosen to stay after connecting with us, citing better results, service and post treatment care and follow up. They have come to know us, like us and trust us. Loyalty is based on merits and we repay that with appreciation, gratitude and dedication. We do our best with our hearts and it comes naturally because that is who we are, born to have good work ethics and acquired throughout the years of our lives in serving humankind. Most of our long term patients are like friends and families, very much like how the colleagues treat each other at Celevenus.

At Celevenus, we constantly keep abreast of the latest treatments and technologies in the market. We do not just go with the trend or marketing efforts made by emerging new treatments or technologies. Not everything that is new or marketed heavily is what it claims to be. We put them through tests and experiments, understand the potential side effects, complications and downtime, weigh them thoroughly before rolling out the treatments for our patients. Not all could make the cut. We do not over claim or over promise, in fact we tend to go the opposite direction. In fact our objective is to present the best solutions to the problems that our patients come to us for, even if we don’t provide the solutions ourselves, they could be referred to elsewhere best suited to what they hope to achieve. This ensures that they would be given the best kind of treatments and results, and given the most comprehensive of advice, information and opinion. That is why our patients are assured that they are always in the safest hands when they come to us.

Our doctor Dylan Chau is an experienced physician in this field since 2005 and is an embodiment of both the old and new era of aesthetic medicine. Being in the era when aesthetics was booming, he has seen how it has evolved over the years. Experience has lead him in delivering better results, avoiding potential side effects and complications, as well as being able to deal with them should they happen, and choosing the most appropriate treatment for any given problem. He is also conscientious, takes pride in his work and his priority is always in the satisfaction and happiness of his patients. He is also very personal, caring and has a very humane side that is commonly noticed and commented on by his patients. He does have a good sense of humor too and enjoys a good laugh with his patients and that puts them at ease. You have to meet him to experience it yourself!

The supporting staff of Celevenus are possibly the most sincere, fun loving yet professional people you will ever meet! We have lost track of how many times our patients have praised them for their exceptional services. Most of them used to be flying crew members and service is always their priority. The go by the motto SOAR very much like the airline. Importantly, they have good work ethics and they usually go beyond what is required of them. Most of them have become personal friends with our patients and their relationship go beyond that of the clinic. They have been with the clinic for more than at least 7 years and you wouldn’t count on seeing new faces all the time. That ensures continuity of personal service and that is also a tell tale sign that our clinic is also a very happy working environment. You have to come and experience it yourself!